Geotechnical Services

M Squared Engineering, LLC (M²) is pleased to announce we are now providing geotechnical services to our clients. We understand what is below the surface is as critical as the structure built on top. M² offers our geotechnical expertise to towns, cities, villages and state regulatory agencies in both Wisconsin and Illinois specific to the Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).    Geotechnical engineers evaluate the soil and other components of the earth. They determine whether a project site is sustainable or if improvements are required. Our staff can plan and execute subsurface investigations for major engineering projects such as bridges, roads, dams and tunnels, frac-sand mines, as well as major structures in rock formations or basements, tunnels and shafts. This includes forming strategies to control landslides in unstable areas. We also assess the design characteristics of soils as applied to the construction of pavements. By using state of the art techniques and examination procedures, M² can stick protect the environment while maintaining current engineering trends. We have the ability to  follow project-specific compliance while working with sensitive geological environments. Our staff looks forward to partnering with you on your next geotechnical engineering project.


Our Services Include:

  • Foundation investigations and design
  • Geologic hazard identification
  • Assessment and design of earth and rock fill dams
  • Sedimentation control studies
  • Engineering risk assessment
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Slope remediation and reclamation
  • Granular resource evaluations
  • Corridor route evaluations for roads, railways, and pipelines
  • Design of road, railway, and airstrip embankments
  • Soil design guidance for pipelines and hydrocarbon well casings
  • Construction material evaluation
  • and more

Please contact Matt Hahm at 262-376-4246 and set up a meeting to brainstorm your next project.

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