Land Surveying

surveyingM Squared Engineering, LLC (M²) is a full service civil engineering and land surveying company offering an essential service throughout the State of Wisconsin to homeowners, land developers, engineers, as well as municipal, state and federal agencies. We offer a broad range of land surveying services to meet your project needs. Our professionals provide experience, expertise, and efficiency to successfully complete your project.

We use advanced electronic measuring equipment to ensure accurate measurements both vertically and horizontally. Our land surveyors use total station data collectors and Global Positioning (GPS) to accurately complete all types of land surveys including property line, topographic, utility, right-of-way, easement, and as-built surveys.

With the extensive experience and flexibility of our field and office personnel, M² has the capability to meet any motivated schedule. We work with each client to ascertain the appropriate scope of services and level of accuracy to meet the purpose of the project. As our firm offers both engineering and surveying services, we can foresee the level of detail required of the survey to design or record many types of projects.

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